I find that bringing awareness to underlying conflicts while providing tangible support provides the most lasting results, particularly when working with families.  I have advanced training in psychodynamic techniques as well as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Your needs and how you wish to approach them will drive our work together.

Services provided, but not limited to, include:

Parent-focused Support:

  • Coparenting challenges

  • Setting goals for your marriage and family

  • Work / Life balance, empowerment in the workplace

  • Explore life transitions related to your career and family goals

  • Practice and model important parenting techniques

  • Family transitions (new siblings, divorce, trauma)

Child-focused Support:

  • Addressing developmental milestones

  • Developing communication skills

  • Modeling self-regulation skills

  • Exploring emotions and needs

  • Early childhood fears

  • Behavior management (tantrums, defiance, whining)

Home visits:

  • Addressing behavioral issues occurring in the home and/or community

  • Developing strategies for calm limit-setting and emotion regulation

  • Evaluation review and implementation

  • Setting goals for childcare providers, schools, and facilities

Call today to learn more about my services and to see if working together would benefit your needs.